2.33 runtime creation problem

I have seen this same issue with 2.25, you get the error “cannot make runtime, cannot find runtime”. The resolution is to either make sure blenderplayer is findable or python.dll and fmod.dll are in the directory you are making the runtime. I have tried this with both the windows and linux version of 2.33 and cannot make it build a runtime. With 2.25 on both platforms you really do not need to do anything special for this to work. Yes, I have also tried packing. Any ideas? Known bug?

Let’s see… If you have 2.25, then you can copy the files “BlenderPlayer” and “BlenderDynPlayer” into the blender 2.33 folder. These are the runtimes. Now try to create a runtime. I hope this works!

Interesting idea. I am a little curious if doing this ends up with a version conflict. I did copy all three of the 2.25 publisher files into the 2.33 directory. It now creates the .exe file or “runtime” but has problems when you run it. If you selected dynamic runtime the application has a conflict of some sort and gives an error with a cancel button to close it. If you choose just runtime it presents an error but not a critical one. It will come back giving you the options, or flags, needed to run the runtime agains a .blend file. These are the same options you use with blenderplayer. So it seems that blenderplayer and the .blend file are not getting linked. When you suggested this course of action, can you already make runtimes ( ie, are you having problems with 2.33 ) and does this fix actually work for you? Could just be something with my machine, but I haven’t seen anything about runtimes an 2.33, positive or negative.

This feature was meant to be taken off the menu in 2.33 as it is not complete. I guess they left it in :wink:

Great. Nice to have word one way or another. Now I will not have to keep messing with it to “fix” it. Thanks for the info.

It needs more testing, and was meant to be disabled for the official release.

If you roll your own blender with the Makefiles, you should get a 2.33 blenderplayer. This should be in the same dir as the blender executable.

You can’t use blenderplayer from 2.25 as that will play publisher .blends - ie signed & locked - which 2.33 doesn’t do.