2.33a Test build - Collision bug fixed?

There is a new build posted here: http://www.blender.org/modules.php?op=modload&name=phpBB2&file=viewtopic&t=3628

Download it and test.

From what I’ve seen the collision bug seen when restarting the game without restarting blender seems to have been fixed.

That’s cool, because yesterday I purchased a brand-new mouse with a mousewheel! The mouse I had before was 10 years old, and it did not respond when I clicked :x ! Thanks for posting this!

wicked!!! :smiley:

it works!! of course :wink:

Yep it worked, I tested it before using a bf-blender build on blender.org :smiley:

A new test build might have fixed the collision bug that occurs after the first run of a game.

Mmmm… Time for me to make some new builds. Thanks for the info saluk! :smiley:

this is all good, but in one test build i save that you can not only have cubes but rektangels to, why isent that in the 2.33 verson?(i made a rektangel and made the size bigger only in the x axe( or y, or z…))

NOR.J O_o wha? i dont understand what your talking about hehe :confused:

I think he means poly’s, using quads and tries in models. IN the old blender and new one, Select object, go int edit mode, select all vertices, hit ctrl-i . :smiley: