2.34 armature problem

Well, I’ve got a strange problem with my armature, and I have no idea how to solve this.

I’ve got a model of a dragonfly for the real-time engine, and for the 6 legs I made an armature to move them. Each leg has 14 bones (84 in armature). Also, each leg has a claw with 4 ‘toes’.

The problem is this: One claw has 3 toes which refuse to stay in the default position. When I go into pose-mode I can move them and add an action-key, but in real-time it jumps back to the wrong position.

The problem is not in the vertex-group, I made no mistake assigning vertices, and I cleared all action-IPO’s, but no succes.

I can’t find help when I use ‘search’.

Is my problem related to a bug in Blender 2.34? Please help me to fix this. Then I can post my dragonfly on the forum.


What action is the action window open to? The gameengine goes to frame 1 of whatever action is open in the action window, so if you made your action and then switched to anotehr, or if your action begins at the place where the gameengine is “jumping back to,” that would be it.

Also, 84 armatures for one model is VERY high for the game engine. I haven’t really tried anything that high, but a normal armatured human would have maybe around 15-17 armatures. That probably isn’t related to your problem, but just a tip.

Are you parenting one mesh to one armature, or are you parenting a bunch of differnet meshes to bones? parenting to bones doesn’t work in the game engine, but if all your other armatures are working fine that shouldn’t be the problem…

That’s all i can think of, i might be able to do something if you posted the file for us to look at.


do you perhaps use IK?
[or any other constraints]

if so, you need to bake the actions of your bones [the game engine doesn’t have the constraints], by pressing the bake button at the bottom of the action window, and using the [newly created] action in your action actuator instead of the other one

Thank you for your reactions.

I don’t use IK, and the Action-window opens to the correct action for the legs.

I solved the problem, by un-assigning and deleting the ‘unwilling’ bones, create new bones with different names, and finally I made new vertex-groups for them.

Now they move the way they were supposed to.

A bit unprofessional solution, but the result counts, not how you get there.