2.34 faces?

whats witht he faces you can only use 2 verts to make a face now? when i do it make sno face i can’t see anything

2 vertices faces are called edges.


i know but when i select 4 it says incorrect number of verts to make edge/face.

Are you sure it is 4?

yeah i dunno maight be a bug on os x version… so im not sure. oh btw anyone know a glass tut ?

Sometimes it’s because there’s doubles on top or so close to the vertices they get picked with them. Try clicking remove doubles.

DONT hit remove doubles!
ok sounds to me like he was right. your picking vertsa BEHIND where you are currently working instead of the ones in front. Try switching to another view like side view and then pick the correct verts. Sometimes blender can be a bit sticky that way but your add face opstion WILL work when you have the right verts selected.

i clicked rem doubles and “removed 0” so im not sure i guess ill jsut use 2.33 for now until i can figure it out. asmiro its nto 3d yet i just made a circle and making a cartoon char i thought of then im making him 3d so not sure.