(2.34) How does it work new Pinning feature in UV Editor ?

I have just read the piece at http://www.blender3d.org/cms/UV_Unwrapping.363.0.html and tried the cube example but I couldn’t try the ‘pinning’ feature as i really didn’t understand it. Can someone please shed some light on it for me possibly with some screen shots pls.


pinned verticies show up red in the uv editor

so, here is what you do

create a cube and create the seams so that lscm unfolds it correctly

select 2 or more verts in the uv editor [do it with 3, you see the effect], and press control+p

enter grab mode on one of them, and press the L key to enter live lscm grab mode, lscm will be recalculated as you move the mouse

now, you will have to pin the verts of other uv regions you have visible if you don’t want the lscm recalculation to unwrap them