2.34/OS X ; difficult to select verts after a while

I’ve noticed that while running 2.34, after a time it begins to become difficult to select vertices individually. Seems I have to click directly on a vert to get it to be selected; sometimes I can’t click select at all.

Bounding box select still works fine and select all with ‘a’ still works.

If I quit and restart Blender it returns to normal, at least for a while.

2.33a doesnt do this.

Anyone else notice this?

I get the same bug. Also, some of the undo functions in edit mesh mode are a little screwy. Hopefully, they’ll release a 2.34a version soon to sort out some of these bugs. They did it with the last version.

I’m on a Mac and I haven’t noticed this at all. How long does it take for this to take effect? Minutes? Hours? What OS are you running?

Well, it happens once in a while; I can’t really reproduce it in regular intervals. I’m running 10.3.5

Are you sure that it’s not just because the longer you work with a model, the more vertices you have? Also, I imagine that the selection will depend on how far you are zoomed out from the model.

What is really needed is backface culling, then the selection area could probably be increased as there would be no worry about selecting vertices behind the ones you want. I also find it hard to see what vertices I’ve selected sometimes - maybe the ability to make vertices bigger in the display would help.

I’m pretty sure its not due to vertex count. What happens is, after a time, right clicking near vertices will select none of them; its not that I am unable to select the particular vertex I want. Usually if I rotate the camera and click many many times eventually something will be selected. If I save, quit and restart, I can then select as normal.

Its not a constant problem. I’ve been working for about 4-5 hours today and I dont think its occured even once.

I agree on the backface culling; that would make a nice addition.