2.34 Particle interaction not working for me.

I have being trying to get the new particle interaction to work, and have not achieved it yet, so please help.

I open new Blender; delete the default cube; add two parallel planes in top view; move one 5 units up in front view; make the top plane the generator (static, z=-0.6,face on). The particles are seen to go down through the plane left at zero. I Make the zero plane a Deflection Plane (DP) (all left at zero); double the size of the zero plane.

Now when I go back to the particle plane (PP) and hit Recalc All the particles go up and about 1/10 of a unit. Any changes I make to the partilce system adds to the confusion. eg z=-9 and the particles go up even more, ie nowhere near the DP.

I then try rotating the DP 180deg to face the other way up and the partilces go downwards, straight through the DP

Can someone please say what I have got wrong.


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I’ve noticed some weirdness like this in my own tests too - setting a force for the particles seems to cause some strange behaviour. I’m not sure if this is intended (if it is, why?) or not.

why do you apply a Z force and not a Force along the normal?

I would also suggest upping the “Keys” value of the particle system. this makes the particles more accurate.


Using Norm had the same visual effect. I tried upping the Keys to 100 (max) and saw no difference. In any case it does not look inaccurate, it is completely wrong, ie the particles move in the wrong direction affected by a plane they go nowhare near (5 units the other way).

So I must be missing something fundamental…

If you want to simulate gravity, but don’t want the initial direction to be straight down, or if you want the particles to begin from a stop, and drop downwards, accelerating with gravity.

I must be missing a trick. Particle Interactiion does not work at all for me.
Two planes one above the other; the partilces jsut go stright through the deflector. I’ve tried every setting (well obviously not). Can someone please post a simple workflow for partiical deflection.

Thanks in advance.


i am having a similar problem.
i made two planes parallel to each other, one emiting particles and the other as a deflector.
the particles did scatter a little, but mostly they still just went through the deflector plane.
it seemed to just make the particles a little more random, it definantly didn’t deflect them :-?

One thing to try to help is to subdevide the deflector plane a couple of times and subsurf it. Also I think the effect works along the direction of the normals of the emiter.

Hope it helps


I was having the same problem, and I just subdivied the plane (it’s easier if you use a grid), oriented the norm’s in the direction of the emittor, and set the key’s value high.


With a grid as a deflector/vortex/forcee and particals from a plane with up to 100keys this feature just does not work for me.

Never mind there is more than enough to do with Blender without worrying about this feature.


I have a question. If I have a ball which acts as a force field with fall off, shouldn’t it effect the particles more when it gets closer to them? Because as of now, it doesn’t matter where I move the force field, the particles do the same. (static ones at least, that’s what I tried.)

If FallOff is 0, distance doesn’t affect the power of the force.


Ton had uploaded a bunch of DEMOS on Blender.org… one of them shows a great examle of the new particles in action… the .blend file is called bowl.blend…

You can grab it from Blender.org or from my site here


Thanks for the file. I wish I could change my stutus from guru to braindead. I can’t for the life of me find bowl.blend on blender.org I did manage to follow your link though!

I have finally worked out that I can get it to work if the partilces are moving down (-z) onto a deflector.


Watch your objects bounds as well - A cup with a box as it’s boundry will deflect particles as soon as they get to the rim! - Set the boundry to Polyheader and the particles will actually go in and deflect inside.

(I tried this recently using metaballs as the particles and got a fairly decent waterfall onto rocks out of it.)