2.34 Question

I was reading the change log for the up coming 2.34 patch and was wondering, with all the new particle advancement, does this mean that particles will no longer remain stagnent when under the control of a parent?

why would they do that?

[though inheriting the velocity of the emitter can be useful sometimes I don’t think an option was added to allow it]

I just downloaded the build And Yes they are recalculated even if it is moved by a parent mesh :smiley: this will make it alot easier to do particle wings ive wanted to use.

Have they sorted the Armature - particle emmiter, parent chain problem though?


I thnk so i believe(if i read the change log correctly) particle emitors are recalculated each frame so yeah(i think & hope)

The answer is YES.

I gotta say these new particle dynamics rock, no more armature emmiter problems anymore. Woohoo!