2.34 win 2k freeze

First, sorry for my poor english…

Blender 2.34 freeze (still desktop or black screen) after some minutes of usage. (no special action, even if I don’t touch the mouse, it will freeze after a while) Sometimes some bugs appear in th interface of blender before it crashes (like repeated charachters all over the screen when I open a menu)

My config:

win 2k sp4

Athlon 2400 / Asus A7V8X / 1024Mo Ram
ATI Radeon 9000 pro

(my Ati card always work great with other version of Blender)

someone can help me? thanx

your’re running ati’s drivers right?

[microsoft’s seem to have even more problems for me]

that is about all I can think of, well maybe not

check if your ram is good

As I juste posted : have you an antivirus running ? I experienced the same kind of problems, and after excluding the Blender installation directory from the auto-protect process, they all disappeared.

You should give it a try :slight_smile:

Finally, after installing the last ATI driver it’s all ok (yes, stupid to not try it before… :-? )

But now I know that my Ram is Ok :smiley: