2.35 Game Engine

Got Blender 2.35 and it rocks! When I clicked the Game Engine part of the release log, I cried out in joy. Well, that’s a bit extreme, but still. Blender now supports Anaglyphic view of the Game Engine! Went to Blender and looked, but could not find it! Where is it?
Thanks in advance

It’s in the Render buttons under Game Framing Settings.

I wish I had some 3D glasses.

PlantPerson: I’ve written to the Blender Shop recommending that they should sell some!

I love the new version! Make no mistake, but I seem to have some problems with the game engine right off. The frame rate is quite constant but it seems…jerky at times. I don’t know if this is an error or just something I’m going to have to get used to.

Those new feature lists are awsome! Thousands of years from now, I envision the name “Ton Rosendaal” in school textbooks! Yay, Blender!

Thanks PlantPerson!

I couldn’t imagine a life without Blender. THANKS TON ROOSENDAAL AND ALL OTHER CODERS!!!

ive just recently made a live action anagliphic move :smiley: filmed it with 2 cameras.

is it just me, or does putting blender into anaglyphic mode makes a stereo pair of the same image, and there for has no 3d effect.

But on linux I didnt write a executable blender says that cant find the runtime :frowning:
And now what can I do??

check if you have an exe called blenderplayer

also, for linux a version 2.35a was released [qietly?] very soon after 2.35 was

I downloaded the 2.35 dynamic version end thid file is there and the funcion worked correctly.
But I still have a doubt. The static version dont have the blenderplayer file, why? Is that an error or must be this way?

The static version doesn’t have the player because the static version is mainly intented for tests, not for actual use. And since the player is mostly the same as standard Blender, you don’t need to test it individually.


OK thanks, now know the difference… and recomend the other version for my students.
Thanks a lot :smiley:

do over engines have this feature?
whos gona play a game cross eyed? :o
gonna need 3d glasses

yeah…umm…guess that would be me…I just tried frogger and shooting gallery just to see how well it worked…

I have been working with cross eyed stereo quite a bit so I am quite used to just zooming into “3d view mode”. I had no idea that anyone was even working on 3d output ( haven’t gotten into the games at all till now ) -even if it is just for the game engine. I sure would like to know how they produce the 3d view - it doesn’t seem to be 2 cams like I have been using. I wonder if it uses the zbuffer like the stereogram plugin…

My eyeballs hurt