2.37 and 2.4a together?

Can both versions be installed and co-exist without problems? I’m working in 2.37 but I’m really starting to get curious about a lot of the new features in 2.4 so I’d like to be able to try them out, but without sacrificing my perfectly-working 2.37 installation.

Yes, no problem.


That’s what I wanted to hear! :slight_smile: Thanks Fligh %.

Yes, you can.
It’s no installer, so you should be able to just extract it somwhere else and run the binary.
And I have to say that the 2.4 is sooooo much cooler (take the mesh ripping for example, never tought that I’d use it when I first read 'bout it, but it’s realy awesome)!

Edit: darn, why are you so, fast Fligh %? It’s just non-human!

While on the topic of using two versions of Blender at the same time, I was wondering if anyone has had trouble opening meshes in 2.37 after modifying them in 2.4a2. I had added some mesh screws onto a robot model I had made, in 2.4a2. When I tried to open the file again in 2.37, the robot was missing his limbs and head! :frowning: But the screws I had added were there. The file is alright in 2.4a2 though. Does anyone know what’s going on?

nope but post it to the bug tracker and chances are a fix will be made in blender 2.4 for compatibility (confirm with a CVS build for the testing builds forum that the bug still exists though.)


That sounds fine. I’ve never posted a bug before, though. Where is the bug tracker?



you’ll need to register to post a bug though.


Alright. I’ll try posting a bug. Thanks for the quick response, by the way! :slight_smile: