2.37 Animation & Rigging Question

Hey, just curious, since i’ve been pretty out of the game (or out of getting into it so to say… if that makes any sense lol), what do they mean by

…for the Orange project we need to get everyting in good shape, especially the animation system… :slight_smile:

That is found at:

1.) Does that mean they are working on new features for the animation system?

2.) And i was told 2.37 was going to have big changes with the Rigging System, however just by doing a very small rig of a dinky little stickman, i didnt notice anything huge… though i’m not that knowlegable in rigging and blender in general.

So ya, any response to either of those two questions would be cool. Thanks!

the animation re write was put off a release, it was going to in 2.37, but then it was posponed to the next release. it is currently being rewriten.

I too wanted to know the answer to that question. :wink:

What big changes can we expect?

afaik the animation refactor will be similar to the transform refactor in 2.37, things will work better code wise, and make it easier to code new things into blender. then once all the code has been re writen in a better fashion, new things will be added, but i dont know what.

overall it will be faster and more stable. and probably easier to use, as well as some new stuff.

Does “Animation” include rigging then?

I would assume so, but since i only use rigging for static images it could be both i spose :o.