2.37 RELEASED!!!



(maby i am exadurating this too much)

If you’re just going to download the binary and don’t need any other information download your copy at the closest location to you:

New Features/Bug Fixes
Binary Directory in the EU
Binary Directory in the USA
Binary Directory in Australia

Use Torrents if at all possible

Hmmm. It seems only the download page of blender3d.com has been updated. Ah, well. Downloading… :smiley: :smiley:


I just discovered the splashscreen today, it’s a nice one :slight_smile:

finally :smiley: (pity it’s not my computer day, blender doesn’t work on this laptop :frowning: )

AHH! A timeline!! AH!!! I is so happy to be liike to me like Blender…i mean to say w00t

Thanx to everyone that has contributed to this release ! :smiley:

Yes thanks thanks thanks tanks!!!

One thing botheres me though, a very simple bug perhaps? Face Area is not correct.

A square with 4 vertices, one face with side lengts of 2 each - that area is 2x2=4 not 2.

Cool stuff.
Good summer all.


where is the fblur plug in? i thought it was integreated into blender now!?


I’m pretty sure it was yanked at the last minute, I don’t think the code was deemed complete enough for this release. I do belive that it should be in the next release.

anyway to get a grayscale depth map(z buffer image)? you now get a z value along with the rgb in render window. a for alpha, anything for depth map?

btw, this release rocks!

wow! I left around 2.0 … can’t wait to start blending again


Downloaded, looks awesome! :smiley:

Great job Theeth on the transform and refactoring code btw, love the new 3d transform widgets, they work perfectly, will definitely speed up workflow.

A big thank you to everyone who worked on making blender the best open-source 3d app. :smiley:
Blender is slowly catching up wit the big three (Maya, 3ds max, and cinema 4d)
Maybe someday we will give them a run for their money!

cool, seeding bt right now

Blender is slowly catching up wit the big three

Slowly? I can’t keep up with all the new features…

BTW, I heard talk about a revised animation system for some time. Is the timeline that new system?

The timeline is 1% of it, we could say. The timeline is a nice addition from Matt on animation in blender. But the real work as yet to come.

Is it worth doing any animation until the new system is here, or will I have to start over with any animation by that time?

the redone proportional editing tool ROCKS! yeaEEEEEEAH, boyyYEEEE!. nice job guys! :smiley:
( I noticed it works with alt S now too. )

Hi Everyone,

If you haven’t already tried out the new Automatically Insert Keyframes Button, it is so cool. I’m always forgeting a step when trying to animate something. This really saves time and makes work flow go more smoothly. Click on Window Type Button>Timeline>Automatically Insert Keyframes Button. It’s the red Button.