2.37! When is it coming?!

I’ve been waiting and waiting for 2.37 to come out, and I keep looking for more info, but can’t find any! Could anyone tell me if there is a release date for this or just a time of when it’s coming out? Thanks

EDIT: I know all the B-Con stuff, but do we have a date (like May 29) or something like that?


We are aiming for the end of this week, but might end up a bit later,


Aah lol this is one of the reasons why I don’t log on on MSN, people keep asking, when does new blender come. And each time I say, I have no idae, just wait. But ok here some info.

Mostly when B-Con 5 is announced, blender is like 2 weeks away from a official release. You can find all that information on blender3d.org how they do that. Just go to blender.org and watch on the right side of the website in which status the blender code is. It can’t be simpler then that.

The reason why the coders don’t post dates is because if you work on a project for fun and not for money or something like that, you’re not gonna spend 24/7 to finish it, but just work for fun, and you don’t know how much bugs or things you have to fix. Anyways, just wait a few weeks and you’re gonna see it. Have patient. :slight_smile:

The short answer:


Hope that clears it up. :wink:


But when will it be done :-?


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If I were you, I would go download all the test builds from the developer forums over at blender.org. The only let-down is that when a new official version does come out, it’s not as exciting because you’ve already tested all the new features.

correct me if im wrong but technically hasnt it been out for a while now since b-con 3 ish? :stuck_out_tongue:

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the more you ask the more it gets delayed :stuck_out_tongue:

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About the same time the documentation is completely up-to-date. :-?