2.37a -> 2.40 transition Q

When version 2.4 officially comes out, can I load up some meshes that I made in 2.37a to add the 2.40 new items like the hair/fur system, softbodies, cloth, newer animation tools, etc ? I don’t want to complete any meshes, or rigs only to find out that I have to practically remake them since the “old” ways are welded to them. That’s kinda why I’m procrastinating about making any further progress. :wink:

Yes, you can load any models completed in older blender versions with
newer blender versions.

Don’t worry, just blend on, the transition to new blender versions is painless.

lots of people already on 2.40a… ¿its recomendable to upgrade now? I just went from 2.36 to 37, I wonder if 2.40 is stable enough, because somehow the ‘a’ thing discourages a bit.

Certainly it is stable enough for me.

Anyway a bit of paranoia is not bad either - set blender to autosave at least 5 versions at 5 minutes each so you don’t have bad suprises.

some 2.36 and 2.37 rigs seem to work in 2.4alpha, too.

Ah, o.k. I hate getting something done then finding out I have to re-do it for the new one. Kinda like VHS vs. DVD collection. %|

I love the fact that oldstyle subsurf is converted to a modifier when you open an old file. A small detail, but gives you a fuzzy feeling inside.