2.37a Compatibility


I have encountered a problem with Blender 2.37a:

As my current work doesn’t need Softbodies feature, I’m still using 2.36 for some works.

I have noticed that a file saved under 2.37a can’t be opened with 2.36. Blender crashes.

I have to create a new file in Blender 2.36 and append all the objects, then I save, and the file works and can be opened by 2.36 next time.

Do you know an explanation ?


did you have Timeline loaded in the GUI while saving in 2.37a ?

that can be the cause of the crash…Timeline appeard first in 2.37…try to save the file not having Timeline loaded in GUI…might be that, good luck.

Thanks for the answer.

I can’t check right now, but it is possible, because all my current works are animated, so I have often the time line visible when saving.

I’ll check as soon as possible.


What for do you use older version?

hey ROUBAL ,

did you get the answer to your problem?

would be interesting to hear about. 8)