2.4 & 2.41 Rendering plane w/ transparent image & ZT

I have noticed a problem in 2.4 and 2.41 that’s NOT in 2.37a.
Here’s the setup:

  • A plane with a .tga image (w/ an Alpha channel) cube-mapped to it.
  • ‘Use Alpha’ turned on in the Texture panel
  • ‘Ztransp’ used on Materials, ‘Premul’ is selected on Render.
  • The camera is animated–the plane is stationary.
  • When I render an animation, it renders whatever frame I’m on over and over. I could be currently viewing frame 67 of 300 and it will just render that same frame repeatedly without advancing the animation.

I messed with it forever–trying different things. Then I just opened the Blend file in version 2.37a and it rendered normally.

Has anyone else experienced this bug?


Can you post a pic? I think I have seen this but not sure.

Not sure a pic would help. It’s a problem when trying to render an animation.
There’s nothing wrong with the image, just the fact that it renders the same frame over and over.

I am wondering now if it’s a bug due to the Blend file being initially created in a previous version of Blender? I created it in a pre-2.40 version.

I did some tests re-creating the scenario in 2.41 and it seemed to render fine. Seems to only affect this one file. I can’t see what settings could cause this issue.

Has anyone noted bugs in rendering BLEND files in 2.4+ that you created pre-2.4?

I found the issue:
The problem is my camera is in a different layer than the objects being rendered, and that “camera layer” is not active when I render.

I setup a simple animation with the camera moving around a cube. The camera is in layer 1, the cube and lamp are on layer 2. If layer 1 is NOT visible, it will just render whatever frame you’re on repeatedly. If layer 1 IS visible, then it will render the animation normally.

Is this a known issue? Or maybe something wrong with my system?