2.4->5 Migration - Interface and workflow

Hey all just released the first in a the next series of videos I plan to do i hope you enjoy it :smiley:

well done!! :yes:

Thanks dude!
nice job.

Does 2.5 have a bevel tool yet? Is it going to be reintroduced soon? I can’t see why its a modifier, especially as it just bevels all the edges on a mesh.

Nice, much better encoding this time around Michael. It doesn’t stutter, and the improved codec is way faster and nicer. Even plays back perfectly on the iPad :wink:

nice vid. i’m not a huge fan of the new ui but your explanations as to why changes are made and the logic behind them certainly help.
Another thing that might help to overcome the fear, atleast it hleped me, is modifying the colortheme.
originally i was just messing around with the preferences when i got the idea to recreate the classic look and was surprised of how much more appealing it seemed to me.
heres a screen:


Is it going to be reintroduced soon?


I can’t see why its a modifier, especially as it just bevels all the edges on a mesh.

You’re not seeing The Big Picture™ apparently

That colour theme is completely Awesome.
You should post that on the themes thread…

The Bevel tool of 2.49 was actually using a crude and crappy version of bmesh, and viscously hacked the Transform system. Now since the recode that is 2.5 its no longer possible as the tranform system aswell was recoded and the old bmesh was quite rotten.

Also for us who are old enough to know is that the bevel tool is actually quite new, for many years we had to make do with a bevel tool that did the whole mesh at once

Eh what? Make sense or dont post. Thanks :slight_smile:

The function that the ‘Bevel’ tool carries out in 2.49 is actually incredibly basic and absolutely essential for any decent modeler…how can they not reintroduce it somehow? Is there an alternative? How do Blender 2.5 modelers get around its absense? Is there a ‘chamfer’ tool or something? Or a split tool?

Many thanks, I’ve always learnt a lot about how and why blender 2.5 works as it does from your previous videos. Looking forward to more.

Back in the day, we Blender users would bevel with our bare hands, until they bled!

/ old folk tale.

I believe no mesh fixing/ coding will be done until Bmesh is integrated, I ask of anyone who has free time to go download the latest Bmesh builds from Graphicall.org and try them out, give feedback and file bug reports, Joedh has asked for that, the more we help him, the more he helps us, and the sooner will have a new mesh API, which will bring along with it Bevel, Inset, Bridge and a million other new tools.

EDIT: mfoxxdog, going to check out the video now, thank you for posting them, they are much appreciated :slight_smile:

EDIT2: There’s some really good stuff in that video, I never actually noticed the context icons running a long the top, well I knew they were there, but never actually looked at them, if that makes sense.

I think we can all agree that 2.5x is an amazing achievement, after looking at that video I can’t quite understand why I use to like the Blender 2.4x interface.