2.4 Alpha

I got some Text in and seems to sork but now

as soon as i try to edit or add new text my computer freeze ?

Anybody knows what to do about it ?

Tanks & Salutations

Report the bug? :slight_smile:

Can edit text / add new / extrude, bevel etc. no problem. Looks great, except in Edit mode it’s like working in the dark. Object mode is obvious but that’s not where the editing takes place. Not sure why you crash…

XP here. You Apple?

i was able to do that at first too but then -

Add Text in front view

then copy with Alt-d

then rotate the text 180 degres R 180 with keys

and then try to do something with it - edit or change text ?

my computer then froze like a freezer a real iceberg

Let me know

i’m with Millenium