2.4 Animate Render Bug with fluids

I’m trying to render a fluid for fun. Since it is taking such a long time to render I stopped the rendering to work. I tried to pick the start frame of 200 and continue rendering and the fluid acts like it’s starting over again at frame 1. This means I can’t break up the file to render on seperate computers with a different start and end since they will all start at the fluid frame one. Very annoying!

yes, but how the fluid sim should know what’s the state of the flow in frame 4500 if it hasn’t simulated all of previous frames? prayers, guess, tarot, farseeing? :wink: just joking… I just want to tell you that it is very unlikely you could break the simulation in several parts and parallelize the simulation… it seems to be a very “serial” process to me

but yes, resuming the sim after a (un)volunteer stop could be handy

note: to reduce time, make sure the domain is the smallest possbile and do not choose a too high resolution


unless you bake the simulation

No, the simulation is baked. That’s why this is a bug. Try it for yourself.

The fluid simulation I’m rendering is a good 1.85 gb. I know it’s not resimulating the whole thing. When you change the starting frame of the animation the fluid thinks it’s at frame 1 always when you animate the scene.

It’s not a bug, as far as I know. If you want to render it on multiple machines. Simulated it once, in its entirety. Then copy the simulation object folder to each machine that you’re rendering on with the blend file. From there, you just select the frames you want to render from the RenderButtons, like you normally would.

Let me explain this again. I have a scene that has a fluid baked in it. On the starting and ending frame for animation it says 1 and 1000. I can press alt+a and get the animation to start at frame 1 and play through the 1000th frame. Then I change the starting frame for animation to be 100. I didn’t press the up arrow or left or right. I changed the starting frame of the animation next to the rendering setups. Before it gets to the 100th frame it shows a box that represents the domain of the fluid. When I reach the 100th frame it starts showing the 1st frame of the fluid. Instead of seeing the fluid start at the baked 100th frame it will start at the first baked frame of the fluid where the initial state of the fluid is shown, even though it should start at the 100th frame where the fluid should be splashing at that point.

Oh, okay. I gotcha now. I’ll do a test or two this weekend to see if the same problem happens for me. In the meantime, you might want to report a bug at blender.org (whenever it’s done getting slashdotted).