2.4 edge creasing

How do I crease the edges (make them sharper) in Blender 2.4? It doesn’t work for me.

Shft-E, move Mouse.


I tried that but it doesn’t work.

Maybe it’s broke in the official release. I used an RC build to test.


Works for me in 2.4

I’ve posted it as an error on the blender.org site.

Works for me too.


I found that with a couple other features that if you try to use the same .b.blend file (user settings file) as previous versions it can cause weird errors. I just did this to try to save all my paths and stuff that were already set. Anyawy, just try deleting your .b.blend in your .blender folder in your main blender directory, and see if that helps.

If it works for everyone else then my Blender must be obsessed with the devil :P. Blazer if I erase the .b.blend file can I start Blender then? Or would it be resetted as it was before?

Merry Christmas, everyone!

If you delete that file your user defaults will have to be recreated by 2.4. And that might solve it.

I tried again and it works now. Don’t know why. Thanks for your help.


DAMN DEVELOPERS!!! :< Why did they had to “improve” a fine working tool to a none working tool that ain’t better than it was in 2.37A?

If you didn’t understood it the crease doesn’t work again.