Okay, a couple of questions regarding Blender 2.40.

The included hotkey system hasn’t been updated for 2.4 so I don’t know where this has gone.

Shift+R for face loop select. This now does nothing.

The knife tool also seems somewhat tempramental. Sometimes when using face loop cut, I get an option for where I wish to make the cut, -1>+1, but then other times it makes a midway cut without the option to position it first. Very frustrating.

It seems to do it in shaded mode and wireframe mode, so I don’t think it’s particular to a view mode.

The new fluid system is wicked, but I’m having trouble defining the size of an Inlet object.

I used a plane as an Input object in my first test, which created a nice blob of water. In the sceond test, the plane would not emit any fluid at all and in the third test I’d moved the plane along the X-axis. When I ran the calculation, the water was created in a long horizontal section, between the first X-axis position and the second. I’m going to look for some documentation on the fluid system today, but if anyone can suggest anything in the meantime, please do.

Many thanks in advance for any help you can give me.


face loop select is now ctrl+Alt+RMB.
edge loop select is alt+RMB

nice one mate, thankyou.

I’ve downloaded the tutorials from wikipedia for the fluid system as well.

Introduction to the fluid system.

Tutorial 1

Tutorial 2