2.40 alpha parenting bones in IK chain problem

Okay, 'nother problem I ran across while rigging my character. I have a chain of bones for the arm: upperarm.l->lowerarm.l->hand.l. lowerarm.l has an IK-solver constraint to hand.l using the tip. I used the same type of chain (but with three bones plus the IK solver) for the fingers. After I parented the base bones and the IK solvers of the fingers to the hand.l bone, the whole arm got messed up. When I moved finger IKs, the hand bone moved as well, when I moved the hand bone, the finger IKs didn’t stay in the same positions relative to the hand.l bone. Does all that make sense? :-?

Is there a new way of parenting in 2.40, or is this a bug? I would like the finger chains to be parented to the hand bone, but to not have their relative positions to the hand changed when I move the hand bone (like the way the hand is rigged in the old blenderchar tutorial).


Try playing around with the Chain Length in the Constraint Panel for the IK, this could be the problem. If it’s set to 0 it use all the bones in the chain.

Not exactly sure if this is the problem.


Yep, perfect. I didn’t realize that the IK chain now extended to none-connected bones. Thanks, neilh1.