2.40 alpha2 (test build nov 2)

Where can I find documentation about new features for the new 2.40 alpha2 (test build nov 2) version?

A lot of the features are documented here
under changes since last version

Ok, thanks!

Is the particle system still under work? It´s totally gone from the test versions.

Its still there:
objects panel (F7) -> Physics buttons


Yes, but how do I access the wave, build and particle effects?

In the edit panel on the Modifiers tab there’s an Add Modifier drop down.

The physics button gives you the particle panel. Wave and build effects you now do with a modifier just like subsurfs and lattices etc. This is explained in the link given earlier.


Ok, thanks for your great help!!
Elysiun sure is one heck of a treasure! :slight_smile: