2.40 Hot keys

Just downloaded new 2.40 release and could not file how to do Face Loop select :frowning: It is not in “K” menu anymore. Shift+R does not do anything at all.
Also cannot find Select Vertex Loop. Alt+B instead os selecting vertex loop cuts out a bit of mesh to be rendered in edit mode. How can I select vertex or face loop in 2.40?

Alt-RMB for Vertex Loop select and Change to Faces (Ctrl-Tab) to select Face Loop.


Fligh, thanks for fast reply. Yes, it works, but very unstable - I have to make quite a few double click to select face or vertex loop needed. In 2.37 it used to be much simplier - after you select Face or Vertex Loop Select tool and move your mouse it would highlight loop for you while you move mouse so you would need only one click after it highlights needed loop. Is it possible to activate such selection in 2.40?

Don’t double-click. And the kind of loop selection you’ll get is determined by the selection mode you’re in.


Sorry to mislead you. By “double click” I ment multiple clicks - it is very hard to click on a right edge or vertex especially on a conplex mesh.
It is pitty that interactive selection not accessible in 2.40 anymore. I thought that new release should add new functionality, not remove existing one.
Yes, there are a lot of new stuff in 2.40, but why remove what used to be quite a useful tool? I will leave 2.40 on my HDD, but better move back to 2.37a for modelling.

Do a quick search on this forum (and the one at blender.org). You’ll see the discussion was well hashed-out. I wasn’t a big fan of it, initially, either. However, I understand why they did it… and for that it does make some sense.

Okay, they removed interactive loop selection, instead there is a loop selection using Alt+RBM, maybe not so useful as it used to be before, but at least it works. What is worring me - version 2.40 locked up on my PC complettly for a few times tonight - I don’t remeber a single time of locking up with 2.37a. And there is some annoying problem with drawing smooth face loops. For me it looks like 2.40 is a liitle bit unfinished yet. So maybe there will be 2.40a release soon. I will try to build 2.40 from CVS - maybe CVS version will have some of these problems fixed soon.