2.40 Lag

Hey i was wondering if anyone else has a problem of blender being real slow and laggy? i know its not my computer because it has never done it with any other blender version, not even the 2.40 pre release. should i report this or just deal with it? thanks and merry xmas.

Yes, it’s slower that 2.37a on my PC as well. For example, when I move light source I can see how it follows mouse cursor with quite a delay.

No, as fast as always, no slowdown noticable.

WOW! thats stange it’s even more fast for me…ALOT faster lol

2.4 final is much faster than any previous version of blender I’ve ever used.

could it be that this is related to the opengl capability of the 3dcards?
i noticed a speed difference between different pc (mac,pc,laptop)


Are you on windoze??? if so thats the problem right there xD

I don’t think a person with a penguin as his avatar needs to bash us Windoze users. :stuck_out_tongue:

The problem is most likely your OpenGL drivers and/or graphic hardware. Are you using the latest drivers?

I know that for previous versions on certain hardware you had to dink with the drivers to get around errors. AFAIK, the blender dev team has been working with ATI (in particular) to resolve these issues, so 2.40 should work properly with the correct, up-to-date drivers.

If that’s not it I don’t know what else…

Oh yeah, if you are on Windows, make sure to download and install the drivers for your card and avoid the Microsoft drivers.

I’m having the same problem, though I’m not sure it’s a hardware issue for me. though the problem is slightly different. It starts out incredably fast, then starts to slow down as I work, especially after renders. but when i restart the program, its back to normal speed, then slows down again.

I have a ATI x800 pro and right after I downloaded blender 2.4, I updated my vid drivers. I know some things about drivers, but not everything. Is your opengl version updated with the latest drivers?

hope your answer can help everyone here.


That’s a common ATI problem… I’m sorry to hear that it persists with 2.40. If you search the forum for ati driver problems you’ll find several pages of threads… perhaps one of those will help.

Beyond that someone with more knowledge than I have on the issue will have to help. Sorry. (I use NVidia…)

I have nVidia 6800GT Ultra and never had any problems with blender speed until I installed 2.40. I don’t now why but I’m having too muchh troubles with this release :frowning: Fortunately I installed it to a separate folder, so I can start 2.37a as well.

Hi! Blender 2.40 is slow on my computer too.

Here are my computer’s specifications:

Processor: AMD Sepron 3200+
Current Core Speed: 1791 MHz

Chipset: ATI Radeon RS480 rev. 10
Southbridge: ATI SB400 rev. 00

Display adaptor: ATI Radeon Xpress 200

Blender Version 2.37a works ok.

Edit: I forgot to mention that I am using Windows XP SP2 Home Edition.