2.40 sluggish

I’m not sure exactly what it is, but for me 2.40 is really sluggish and slow in it’s response, which makes it very difficult to work in. I turned off the open GL mip mapping option, but I’m not sure of any other options I can disable so I can get performance back up. I don’t know if anyone else is experiencing slowness, but it may just be my system. But all the earlier versions of blender flew on my system. :expressionless:

You dont have an ATI video card by any chance, do you?


nope, Geforce 4 mmx (crappy i know). But it ran older versions of Blender without any problems.

anything being drawn over top of the blender window?

Nope. It’s usually sluggish when running in texture,shaded, or solid modes. Wireframe doesn’t seem to have any problems. I only have 256mb of memory (I need to get more, lol) so if the memory requirements went up, thats probably where to problem would be…

ya get more ram. lots of it.