2.41 Alpha Face Question

Ok, I know that in the newest version of blender, the game has proper alpha faces, and you used materials “ztransp” to enable this

However, a large number of faces still slows things down more than it used to. For example, the BGLalpha script in 2.25 will run a game I’m making better than Ztransp does (even when only applied to aplha objects)

is there a way to improve 2.41 GE speed when using alpha faces?, can I still use the BGL script, or am I missing something?


The problem is your not using Alpha Testing like in the BGL script. (This is what you want correct?)

When you set the faces to alpha and enable ztransp the faces are just sorted. (slow)
To use Alpha Testing set the faces to opaque and then enable ztransp.