2.41 Crash on play back rendered animation

I am not sure when this started happening, but I am getting a crash in Windows XP when I try to select “play back rendered animation” after I’ve rendered something. It seems any format, any size. Blender itself doesn’t crash, but the renderer crashes and Windows gives me the “report error” dialog box.

Anybody have anything like this happen?


Click the “more info” link on that win dialog box to get to the error report and see if has anything to do with your vidio card or drivers.



Well, I’ve got the error report. Unfortunately I can’t really make out what any of it means.

My video card/drivers on this machine have never been a problem. I’m not sure what the card is… I just looked up the specs for my compputer (it’s a laptop) and it just says “128MB shared system memory”.

If it would be helpful, I’ll post the error report. I think I will also go back and double check 2.40 (which was working fine before) to see whether the problem is specific to 2.41. I haven’t done that yet.


Well, same problem now with 2.40.

Another update: it depends on the blend file… other blends are working fine.

I’ve seen this happen when I use backbuf and have a background image. As long as I have one or the other it doesn’t do it. Also, I have seen it (not often) do this with some images, especially ones duped from google.

Weird. I do have a background image in the problem blend, although I don’t think I have a backbuffer set. The image is one of the skymaps from this forum. It renders fine, and single frame renders show up fine. When I “play back rendered animation” the first frame comes up and then after a second or so the crash dialog comes up.

My workaround has been to do the playing back in the sequence editor, but this is kind of a lot of extra steps.

I’ve lately installed 2.41 and now encountered a problem that seems to be related to the one above:
Blender crashes when trying to render images or animation sequences with both OSA and backbuffered image activated, right after the render window pops up and before any rendering starts. If either OSA or Backbuf is activated, things run smoothly.
Als already mentioned above, this problem does also occur with 2.40, but not with 2.73a and any previous version.

Thanks for any help or suggestions