2.41 Crashes

Blender 2.41 crashes when I press “P”. 2.40 works fine. Nvidia quadro go700
Windows XP.

Please help I want to look at all the cool new stuff.

hit [esc]


Hey thats not funny! Is “this aplication has caused bla bla bla whatever”.

I get some strange artifacting around the edges of some of my models. It looks like my objects have the normals facing the wrong direction, and the edges have a square artifacting. Strange behavior.

And yes I have recalculated the normals to the outside. I have problems on my dual G5 1.8 with GeForce 5200. No problems on my PC with Kubuntu AthlonXP 2600+ with GeForce 6800.

Other than that, 2.41 is more stable for me. It will handle the rendering of scenes that would crash on 2.4 and 2.37a.

I have just tested on my Desktop and it works fine. AMD64 geforce 6600gt.
No go on my laptop.Dell M60