2.41 Demo .blend question?

I’ve seen this a couple of times and never figured out how to fix it or work around it:

When I open certain .blend files (the “Pond Demo” from the 2.41 demos for instance) part of the top menu is missing? When this file is opened, I loose my “scene” and “window” options. Wierd.

What causes this and how do I fix it? I’m tearing apart the “Pond Demo” to try and learn how the water fx were done.


I don’t know what exacly you mean but I assume you mean you can’t see the blender menu really well.

This menu is just another window. So klick and drag the lower edge of the menu. You will see that the menu is the header of the “i” user preference window.

If this don’t work make one of the other windows to user preference. The header can be added by right click on the edge of the window.

I forgot to say, this normally happens when resizing Blender (e.g to see the console while playing).

Thanks Monster, but I probably am not explaining it very well. This happens with a few .blend’s, specifically the “Pond Demo” that came with 2.41. What happens is the top menu bar is “locked”. The “screen menu”, “scene menu” and “window type” menu are all missing and I can’t drag or split the top menu bar. I’ve had this happen before when I tried to open .blend’s created with the 2.42 pre-release in 2.41. But this file came with the 2.41 release so I’m assuming it’s mean’t for 2.41 (it runs without errors). I even tried opening it in 2.42, but it still had the wierd menu bar problem.

It’s pretty weird. I’m trying to dig through the source files in this demo to see how Tan (I’m assuming he did it) created the water animation and shader.

Sorry, with that I can’t help :(.

I’m going to try to append all the contents of this .blend into a new .blend and see what happens. It’s kind of alot of work (since it’s using some new code that I don’t really understand) but I really want to see how the GLSL shaders work in 2.41, and although the water in this demo isn’t exactly what I’m looking for, it’s a step in the right direction.