2.41 scripts

Why is it that I didn’t recieve the new scripts (That sculpting one, tris to quads) etc in my installation file? Is there somewhere that I can get these?

Also, with the Game Engine, materials don’t show up. It’s not urgent that I know this, just wondering if Im missing some option

You might not recieve the scripts if you don’t have python 2.4 installed.

Assuming python is ok, in the 3D window, you access it by…mesh…scripts…b brsuh sculpter

you’ll see a message that says you then need to then go

…view…space handler scripts…mesh_bbrush.py

maybe this helps?

They should be in there, what build did you download?


ONe thing I’ve seen with scripts is I’ve had to remove the entire directory in windows of Blender stuff. Except for maybe b.blend file. It was as if some things, the installer wouldn’t overwrite. Perhaps a commend put in because of the desire not to remove a users custom script.

try removing the directory after uninstall of blender and reinstalling.

Reinstalling seemed to fix it.