2.42 Background Image, And material images GREEN

Just got the a new mac and running Blender 2.42 for the first time.
On 2 diffrent computers this is happening.
I set an image or movie as a matirel on an object and it shows up green.
Also set view Background image and it is green as well.


does it happen when you use an image as a material, too? If so, then my guess is that you have set your world ambient colorto green. (set Amb R, Amb G, and Amb B to 0.)

otherwise, if it only happen with videos, it is likely that blender doesn’t support the way the video is encoded.

mpan3: looks like his world is blue… gamma correction? but that far off…

Kerry: Make sure the plane material is Shadeless and White. Make sure the image texture only affect Color. Make sure the light illuminating the plane is White. If it is still green, the video or image must be green. Or the red electron gun in your monitor is broken. Or uplink the file (pack it first) and we’ll check it out for you.

looks like his world is blue

That’s the world setting, mpan3 meant the ambient colour setting.

Thanks guys gor the replys,
Amb is all set to 0 G=0 B=0 R=0.
Roger I think I have checked on what you mentioned but here is the .blend
I found out that it only happens in 2.41, and 2.42 not in 2.37 (blender versions)

I don’t know if the attachment got on there or not so heres a link to the file.

hi herry27, i believe you accidentally uploaded a blank, default blender file. not the file you were working with.

I bet i know what happend i feel realy dumb now. It is a default blender scene. I just put a image on the default cube and uploaded it but you don’t have the image soit will not show up.
At any rate not just this image but any image i use as a material, background for modeling or any othere .jpg .png .tif .psd .gif and so on and so on. They all show up green. I can save my project a green material and all in 2.41 or 2.42 and, go open it in 2.37 and it shows up perfect.

maybe you didn’t save before you upload the blender file?

I’ve never seen it happen before. especially if it works fine in 2.37