2.42 Doesn't like this 3ds file

Importing “C:\Documents and Settings\Owner
S\palmtree.3ds” “C:\Documents and Settings
finished importing: “C:\Documents and Sett
palmtree3DS\palmtree.3ds” in 12.7436 sec.
but it is not there!
Yes i looked in the outliner - not there.
any ideas
here is the file zipped

works fine for me in 2.43.
I think I heard that the 3ds importer was tweaked since 2.42 so you might want to download the latest version.

Also, thats a pretty heavy and inefficient mesh, though I obviously don’t know what you’re using it for. you might want to join the leaves into a single object once you import it.

I just need a simple palm tree!

Users with Intel on-board graphics: some graphics operations (menus or border select) don’t show due to driver bug.
UH OH this is 2.44

if it works it works.
I was just saying that it seemed higher poly than it needed to be.

more importantly, are you still having trouble importing it?