2.42 error

For some reason I am having trouble with my blender 2.42 . When I try to select an edge, an edge on the complete opposite side of my model is selected instead. It is selecting edges through my model. I do not have on that thing where your model is slightly see through and you are supposed to be able to select edges through your model. It is becoming very aggravating. I did not have this problem with 2.41, but i did just recently update my drivers for my graphics card. I also do have a dreaded ATI card, but that hasnt been giving me problems with 2.41. I have my hardware acceleration all the way down and Anti aliasing at the lowest setting.

Man, I just downloaded 2.42 and i am already having problems :frowning:

i think it’s set on the see through face mode by default, so you have to press the button just to the right of the select mode buttons to get it back to solid mode.

Thanks for the reply modron,

I just checked, and mine is off.

i think it’s set on the see through face mode by default

It is. I’d noticed this with the cvs version. Put it in “Limit Selection to Visible” mode as Modron said (using the button with the little box icon on it) and then hit Ctrl-U if that’s the way you like to work. I never use the see through face mode, so that’s one of the user options I save.

i think is is a known error in blender, partly has to do with the way graphic drivers handle OGL occlusions, i don’t think there is much the coders can do at the moment. I find that if you turn on AA, the bug gets a lot more worse, and vice versa.

i think is is a known error in blender,

What error?