2.42 Fluid Sim

Can anyone tell me how to use the new particle generation ability in the new Fluid Sim? There don’t seem to be any new fluid tutorials yet. Also, there seem to be several new obstacle options that I don’t know how to use. And what do the ‘start’ and ‘end’ values actually do? I can do a basic fluid simulation but I guess I want to know more about the bells and whistles of the Fluid Sim.

Anybody? .

There is some info you could extract from 2.42 release notes:


Not sure how usable this is though.

“These are loaded by enabling the particle field for an arbitrary object,
which should be given a halo material. For each frame, similar to the mesh
loading, the particle system them loads the simulated particle positions.”

So you just add any ole’ random mesh to the domain and activate a particle field?