2.42 is this broken for you features ?

On keyboard control for smooth falloff mesh editing, pressing the + - keys does not scale the falloff amount.

Though in the new fly mode it does increase the zoom ammount…

Also how do you make fly mode NOT constantly move when I use wasdrf ?? It is cool but where if there is an option to just make it move when input is put in.

What is this ?

Curve Objects now have a “render resolution”, so you can use a lower resolution in 3D window display.

Why is x mirror mode x axis mode still broken as in extruding mesh ? Is this intended? Kinda errrr wonky if it is

Thats all for now… Great release, wish passes would have made of course , but I know why so I understand… Please someone help ton with that area this time… It’s a major crucial area for extreme compositing and post work
EDIT: Errr why even leave the render passes option in the menus if they dont work?

Forget this post.

(How can I delete my own posts and why can’t I anymore if I can’t ?)

Easy : just like for subsurf you can choose a resolution for displaying in the 3D view and another one for when you render the object.

I am still myself looking for any clue relatively to the 2 drawmodes for the Empties.

Ok… where is this ?? I know we dont have render IPR progressive… But is there a menu I am missing ??

In edit buttons, Curve and Surface panel, DefResolU and RenResolU.

The resolutions can be set in the edit buttons (f9) in the curve and surface panel. DefResolU sets the default resolution, and RenResolU sets the render resolution. If RenResolU is set to 0, then it just uses the DefResolU.

Edit: looks like Friday13 beat me to it.

?? Forgive me but I dont see it… What am I supost to select ? camera object… I pressed f9 after turning off expose on osx intel but all I see is standard mesh editing tools

Wasn’t your question about Curve objects ?
So select a Curve Object… in Edit Mode, in the Curve and Surface panel, DefResolU (for the 3Dview) and RenResolU (for the render) are the parameters

OH That Curve.,. &T&^R&^*U( d@m it … Sorry… I was thinking http://www.blender.org/cms/Curves_UI_Control.746.0.html as somesort of resolution for rendering… nevermind…

Though my other questions still hold up. What the use of x-axis edit if it does not create new mesh like the modifier does or the old alt duplicate…


Thanks God : I’m reassured !


Is the x axis edit not useful? I found that making adjustments without the mirror was easier, because with the x-axis on I can cause a simple mesh to shape equally on both sides as I move stuff around - for stuff that doesn’t really need deleting half and mirroring.
I turn it off if I’m using the mirror instead, for extrusion and loop cuts…
I agree though, that maybe it would be nice to use this to add features.
Who knows what’s in store later:D

It’s mainly useful for making mesh shape keys.

not just useful…
x axis mirror edit basically moves both sides of the axis symetrically on an already symetrical mesh (no modifier)
most of the x axis symetry options real come in to play when you are rigging/ making shape keys. (some aren’t new to this version, but there’s symmetries on edit, weight paint and bone editing) they rule!

On keyboard control for smooth falloff mesh editing, pressing the + - keys does not scale the falloff amount.

if you have one, use the mousewheel, that’s what i always use anyways. It’s faster.

are you talking about the buttons “Combined, Z, Vec, Nor” in the RenderLayers tab? because those actually work. :slight_smile:

I’ve tried with only Z Pass on but it makes a fully coloured image.

i`m looking for the “add glow” button on the shader tab of the old versions… anyone know where that one has gone? Or do I have to use the nodes everytime to achieve that effect manually?

jazzroy: it provides that passes as output options in the renderlayer composite node. You will need to connect those up as you like.

yeus: As far as I know, there was never an “add glow” button, I don’t know what you mean. You can make glow as a post-process with comp nodes. You can group the nodes and save it to a file, so you can import them easily without having to reconstruct the network each time.

A little OT, but in context:

is there going to be some quick post-release fixes in cvs before new features? so there will be “superclean” 242 source available?

If critical bugs are found, then yes. Otherwise I wouldn’t expect one.