2.42 Windows runtime bug and temporary fix

waynefox3 and BlendMe have pointed out that Windows executables generated with the 2.42 release build crash at runtime.

Actual error
YourWindowsRuntimeNameGoesHere caused an invalid page fault in module PYTHON24.DLL at 0167:1e067cd6.

I have traced the problem back to the BlenderPlayer. For the time being, I suggest that those hoping to build Windows runtimes with 2.42 replace the release build BlenderPlayer with the one from 2.42 RC3. (<-- 1.2MB zip file, download here if you don’t have it.)

Perhaps there is a bug, perhaps it was just a bad build. I will report it to the bug tracker.

interesting if its a bug this is the first time ive been a part in finding one

me too i just thought my computer was too old too handle blender 2.42 runtimes.

Thanks that fixed it. but i wonder if you can edit the blender player through a text editor or something like the -h or -v or -p or something.

actually, im not saying your wrong or anything, but if you replace the 2.42 release build python24.dll with the RC3 python24.dll it works fine too.

now it doesn’t work again. RC3 i guess you have too save runtimes with.

Just to keep you all posted, Ton has informed me that the dev team is aware of the problem, and they are currently working to fix it.

I’m glad they’re going to fix it.

cool cool sits paitently

no offense dev team but you would think they would test that, for the release build.