2.42 won't open

I downloaded the newest version of Blender 2.42 and it won’t open…anybody remeber the badn front 242?..anyhow damn them techology sucking disapointments, i want my Blender!!!

is it a cvs or a proper build?

what OS? more details are better.

I don’t undertsand waht a CVS is…I went to the Blender Org website and downloaded it from there…how do I find out exactley what it is?..

I have Mac OS 10.4 I haven’t done the .8 upgrade yet as I am on Dialup…

thankyou for taking the time to help me and reply to my questions

Is there such a thing as a command line in Mac OS 10.4? I.e. a window you can open and type commands ? I.e. so you can start blender from there and see whatever error messages might be occuring?

Also I notice that on the Blender3d.org page there are two different versions of Blender for Mac, - PPC and Intel. Did you download the right one ? :smiley:

CVS versions are test versions, i.e. currently under development (i.e pre 2.43), they are a way of testing / previewing features in the next version. You can’t download a CVS version (accidentally :slight_smile: ) from Blender3d.org, you have to download them from sites like graphicall.org or the blender3d testing builds forum.


I also had the same problem 2.42, it wouldn’t open on my G5 running 10.4.
I had some friends try it and they had the same results.
I just got another mac for my business a mac mini with duo intel and the intel version works. But the intel version has a few bugs… bugs that will drive you nuts so i don’t use it.
I have got 2.41 to work though on all my macs but that took downloading 3 times.
I don’t know if the download linked file changed or i just finally got it right.
But i did it the same way every time.
2.3 has worked from the start with no bugs for me and it has been solid as a rock.
Good luck and don’t give up.

If it just does nothing (or flashes in the dock then disappears) then it’s most likely the wrong version of Blender for the installed version of Python. If you’ve never installed Python then you will most likely have Python 2.3 which comes with Mac. Therefore you have to make sure you have Blender 2.42 for Python 2.3. (If you’re not sure if you’ve ever installed Python then you probably haven’t installed it so assume you have 2.3)

Also, there were significant problems when OS10.4 was first released though, as I recall, these were mostly related to OpenGL and Blender would run but menus and things wouldn’t function properly.

Also, as Mike said, make sure you’ve downloaded the ppc version of Blender (I assume you don’t have an Intel Mac).

I would almost bet money that you need the file labelled:
Mac OS X PPC Python 2.3, 10.3+ (10.3 MB) on the blender.org download page

If none of this helps, we’ll need a lot more information including the name of the file you downloaded, what you did with it after you downloaded it (did you rename it at all?), what version of 10.4 you do have and so on.

“Ahh! I see” said the blind artist as he pokse his eye out witha pencil yet again…

Thankyou for you advice I am on it and will update you on my efforts

thankyou to all who wrote and replied and helped! Danke! Thankyou! Merci! Gracias! Domo! Gratzi!