2.42a not booting up

For some strange reason today as I tried to open a file Blender decided to crash. The file accessed an image for a UV picture on a plane. I moved the file and then tried to open it in 2.42a. The program crashed. I copied the file and put it back in it’s original spot. Blender opened it with no problem this time. I tried to save this new file to the new location, and instead of getting a (Save over?) prompt, the bar was empty. I clicked to what I think was a confirm, and now Blender will not boot up.

I uninstalled blender and then reinstalled it, but to no avial it will not work. I have 2.36 which boots up fine, but 2.42a refuses to work.

Does anyone have any advice?

(I have already thought of waiting for the new release, but I would like to know why 2.42a is not working).

Thank you for your time.