2.42a - where is fbuf?

where is fbuf on 2.42a?..my apologies in advance if like “everyone knows”

the regular blender download page… http://www.blender3d.com/cms/Blender.31.0.html

…dude i dont see anything about the fbuf/postprocess button there

“fbuf” ? Never heard of it. But I haven’t been using Blender that long. Can you describe what it is? … and where it was on the version you were using?


the button was taken out because blender always keeps the float buffer after a render now :wink:

ahh i though you ment fubf like f**** is blender 2.42a


thats too bad - i used to use it for my toon renders w/ edges like anacators tutorial suggested…any way to do that now?..suggestions?

See if this thread on toon shaders helps


originalsurfmex, if you didn’t get it from paprmh’s message fbuf is always on, as the renderer is fully float enabled now.