2.43 game engine?

So what’s going to change in the game engine with 2.43? I’ve been looking, but have yet to find a feature list.
What I’m hoping for:

  • fix logic brick bugs
  • bullet character physics
  • fix parented TrackTo bug

If what you mean by bullet character physics is ragdoll then I dont think thats going to happen…
from alot of other threads i do know that alot of bugs will be fixed

I think we can look forward to a cleaner (in reference to bugs) bullet engine. With all that ridiculous movement shaking taken out, and the friction functionality finally fixed etc.

I’m looking forward to it.

I’ve been very hard working on making Bullet a better physics engine. A lot of changes happened to the sources. I try to upgrade Game Blender to use the latest Bullet physics, before the 2.43 release.

I will post some preview builds 2.43 if possible. Don’t expect too much.


Not at all. I mean the ability to use the bullet physics engine for “walking characters” and not just cars and boxes.

Well, that’s the answer to this one straight from the man himself. I haven’t expected alot of changes quite yet. We’ve already had one with the new physics. It makes sense that it would take time to clean that up being as that it is so new. What I can’t wait for is if the Ogre project gets done. That has the potential to be huge. Easier bump mapping would be nice before that.

Beggers can’t be chooser though. This whole thing is what we make it.(Literally):rolleyes: