2.43 have hard edge properties

i dont remember where i heard it or even if i heard it at all…but does anyone know if 2.43 is going to have a hard edge, or crease properties for the mesh, i mean i know that everybody has been begging for set solid/smooth to be an edge property forever but are they actually going to do it?

Are you talking about the crease subsurface control? Thats been there for a couple of releases.



yep: http://mediawiki.blender.org/index.php/Manual/EdgeSplit_Modifier

ah, sweet thanks a lot, good to know im not making up things and actually beleiving them. also, the fact that its coming out next release is awesome too lol.

Um - Can’t you select an edge in edit mode, and hit Shift-E to adjust hardness? (I assume we’re talking about sub-surfaced meshes here.)

in this case i was talking about regular non sub-surface mesh.

Ah right. Carry on!

It needs loads of improvement.