2.43 RC2 Full Screen in Windows problem

Ok i just got myself a 2.43 RC2 running windows. And decided to organize myself and make use of every pixel on the screen. But i cant seem to be able to make it fullscreen. I tried using blender -W option, and i cant find the button to do this either. Any ideas of how to make it full screen?


From that (old) discussion you’ll see Blender used to have a button that was removed (at or about v 2.3).



Or Ctrl + UpArrow/DownArrow :slight_smile:

shift space and control up is known to me. Though i want blender itself to be fullscreen just like it is on ubuntu linux, which i also have(but when i am in windows, this windowed mode gets to me, because it wastes space). Dont get me wrong i have a 19" lcd, its just that all the space i have is not enough, and i dont want to buy a new monitor. Dam. Any other suggestions?

What bout unlocking the taskbar and dragging it down? That would give you a bit more space but it wont look like it does on Ubuntu. I don’t think there’s any way to eradicate the title bar in windows at the moment.

Set your taskbar to not be always on top and hit maximize in blender? Aside from the title bar, that dosn’t leave much wasted space for me.