2.44 FFMpeg in Windows

I have been trying my hand at the new release, and came up with a few problems when trying to output a sequence to mpeg.
The first was the weird little message that there was a library problem, and that it was due to a problem with the compiler. Weird.
The second was that I was getting a problem with the console telling me there wasn’t a keyframe on the start, and the playback was very weird, like a vhs tape gone crazy when it get’s eaten. I wasn’t working on the biggest project, just testing a 60 frame animation conversion from quicktime to mpeg2, avi, and mpeg1. I was trying to convert to something that would play in PowerPoint for a coworker.
Also, almost all of the videos I made would play in the sequencer, but in the media players they would skip the bulk of the frames and quit. Oh, well, I have said before I don’t know anything yet, so maybe I missed the breakdown of how it works. PapSmurf, right now would be a good time to point me to the wik you already wrote on how to use ffmpeg buttons in blender :slight_smile:

Thanks for pointing out anything really obvious, I could use the pointers.


So far, I have found that the only common denominator is that I had 252 mb of Windows Media Video WMV format from the person who gave me the video from the camera. This is what I was loading into the sequencer, so I tried another route. I took the same footage into Sony Vegas, and rendered out to AVI instead, and then took that into the Blender Sequencer. Blender liked that much better, and I was able to render out individual mpegs from that. I guess this might have to do with how the ImBuff interprets the Microsoft container? I thought AVI and WMV was just a container name difference, but I’m stepping into territory that is dark and forboding, so I’m gonna shut up for now. I did really like the ability to cut and render out separate clips inside blender, so I’ll keep practicing. For manipulationg Blender made content, it’s awesome, especially mixing audio and my own video together, so big props to the developers on the integration!

Just an idiot pushing buttons, nothing to see here, move along…:o