2.45 fluids don't work for me

Hi, All,
The fluid sim doesn’t work for me with the 2.45 release. :frowning:
Anyone else having this problem?

What doesn`t work? Replaying baked simulation? If so, check if and where you have the baked meshes. Baking works for me as it has.

I’m asking you to try it for 2.45. It HAS worked for me as well in the past.
What’s not working is the baking. I see nothing on the screen and the bake folder contains many 23 byte (very short) files. The extension of these files is *.gz (which is strange because they should be *.jpg as per the render setttings). Am I missing a setting somehwere?

Yes, you are missing something. The bake worked in my case in 2.45, as you wrote first time. The files generated are compressed (.gz) objects (.bobj). Fluid sim baking creates objects instead of pictures (which are generated by texture baking). Check the settings, maybe you left out the fluid entity (so the resulting files are so small). In scene, there must be at least a domain and one fluid entity.

Check the resolution settings, it creates 24b files if set to 1 and at so low resolution nothing is visible.

The resolution is set at 50. I’ve noticed when baking that I see some fluid movement at one of the preview frames. But doing alt-a afterward, I see nothing. I see nothing when rendering the animation either.

I tried doing this on my office computer, exactly the same, and it works perfectly. I brought the working fluid blender file to my home computer and it works ok. There’s something wrong with the Blender installation on this machine, or the initial setup.

I’m out of ideas of where to look and what to try. I think it’s a bug.

I don’t know if this will work, but have you tried deleting the resulting fluidsim files from a previous fluidsimulation?

Yes, I tried that…no luck.

Do you have the temp path in blender properly set? And more important, did you set the path to baked files in fluid sim panel? If both are leaved blank, then the baking works, files are stored in C:\ (in case of windows), but when replaying you can’t see anything. So check that, but it seems you have them right.

If the above won’t work, try to reinstall blender, or download another build, if possible. Try with new scene.

The path is set correctly…otherwise the test file I made on different computer wouldn’t work.

I’ve uninstalled, deleted entire Blender folder, cleaned the registry, and reinstalled…nothing changed.

I will probably have to go back to older version…:frowning:

Then I’m confused. Although there might be a some bug in fluid simulation. I tried another one, in higher resolution and preview was fine, but in final res were some really visible errors (like one side of domain cube being wet, and this glitch flickering few times). But to tell the truth, i was surfing web while baking, although this shouldn’t have any impact on quality, only on speed.

One little thing: this thread should be in support section somewhere.

Thanks for your help. Got it fixed…the fluid wasn’t completely enclosed in the domain. This is important and is not well stated in the manual. I will make post a message in the wiki to emphasize this very important point.

I’m glad you solved your problem. But I found something that concerns me, as I described it in my previous post.

edit: Please can somebody bake this fluidsim (resolution 64, simple cube), if there are some strange anomalies at resolution of 64 in it: http://www.mediafire.com/?ejqhmc2yk8x

…baking now

Yes, I see there are pieces of fluid sticking to domain. Is this what you are referring to?

I found you can fix that by specifying your domain boundary condtions as free…BND button.