2.45 on Linux

Hello all, and thanks in advance.

I can’t seem to get Blender 2.45 on Ubuntu.

If I go the “official” route, and go to Applications, Add/Remove, and then choose Blender, it just gives me 2.43. If I download the 2.45 .tar from Blender.org, I can’t run it. Am I missing something? Do I need to “build” it or something. BTW, I have no coding or building experience, I just know that Blender runs so much better in Linux than Windows.

Thanks for the help.

What version of Ubuntu are you runing? Ain’t that 64-bit? I’m still using 2.44 but to make it work I had to install ia32-libs, ia32-libs-gtk and ia32-libs-sdl packages. You should easily find it in Synaptic, or on http://packages.ubuntu.com/. I’m using 64-bit DaperDrake. I hope i helped you.

http://download.blender.org/ is still down? :confused:

run the downloaded blender from a terminal window and check out the error messages!
Probably some missing library that you can easily install with Synaptic or other package manager

I had the same problem with 2.45. I’m on Feisty Fawn and had to install a package for audio, but i don’t mention any more how it called. Look at the console there comes a hint what package is not included. I got the tip from this forum somewhere… You dont have to compile the package by yourself!
You only need the Open AL librarys.
So for me its now OK!

let see…in order for blender 2.45 works you need openal
you can type this command in terminal

sudo apt-get install libopenal0a libopenal-dev
sudo apt-get install libalut0 libalut-dev

then download blender from the main site and untar it and try to use it

or you can just search for those lib’s in the synaptic.

What are you doing and what’s the error? Have you extracted the tar? Have you tried to run ./blender while in the directory?

If that doesn’t work, try
chmod +X blender
while in the directory containing it.

A search for openal should do it. In the Fedora repos it was openal and openal-devel.

But yeh best thing to do is to navigate to the blender folder where you extracted, using the terminal and type ./blender

see what output you get.