2.46 .blend files don't hold animation for 2.66?


What I’m trying to do is convert some .x or .dbo files into .dae. The files I’m working with are from FPSCreator and I’m wanting to use the assets from there in another engine.(Yes this is allowed.) The closest I’ve got was to export the working .x files from fragmotion using .md2 into blender 2.46 and this holds the animation and the model looks fine. Many other formats just didn’t work. Ok so now I have a working md2 in blender 2.46 and I want to export a .dae file. Problem is that the script error tells me it’s missing for both .dae exporters. So I save in .blend and use 2.66 to open them so I can try from there and the animations are missing from the .blend file. Has anyone converted the weapons they bought from FPSCreator into a solid file type that is supported by most packages? I’ve posted on the other forums for FPSC and Fragmotion but didn’t get anything back. Hope someone here can help?


Animation data was fundamentally changed in the 2.5 refactor and animation made prior to that isn’t supported.

Is there a way to fix the .dae exporters in 2.46 then? If it was fixed would the .dae even work? Maybe that’s why the script isn’t there? Any other work around for this? Thanks for the help.

There’s been so many fundamental changes between 2.46 and 2.66 that there’s no guarantee that anything in the scene will backport in one piece. The best solution in any of these cases for exporter scripts is to find someone who will update them to work in 2.66.