2.46 Hair and Fur Problem

Hello, when I used particles for hair and grass in 2.45 I could have 20k particles displaying 100% of them easy. But with 2.46 When I add up to 10k the 3d view starts becoming choppy and lags.
Even if I turn down Display% to 0 and change to wireframe mode, there is still the same amount of lag and choppyness. Why is this happening now? Is anyone else experiencing this? and how can i fix it?

hmmm strange my freind had the same issue

Well its good to know that someone else had the issue :slight_smile:
But now how can i fix this :frowning:

well try using less particles and assign some children to cover the gap. that should save some cpu usage for later tasks

According to my understanding, you should use children coming out of the faces instead of 20k particles. For example: you might want to use more like 1000 particles instead and create children with it.

The new particle system is so awesome, I love it so much!

Just don’t overload the children or Blender will crash.

It’s best for particle mode when you have a minimal amount of hairs to style and then let children fill things in.

Any new Hair, Grass, particles tutorial with v 2.46?
Would be glad… get some trouble with inserting values… coudn’t get anything grown yet… ;(