2.46 hotkey help needed urgently

following this thread:
Migius needs & all of us need some help to list the new hotkeys.
so if you know of any or have tested new features & know the new hot keys please post them here.

ideasman42 wrote on IRC:
H,AltH,ShiftH - Hide strips.
Ekey Extend transform.

3D View:
ShiftT Solittex display,
AlignToView CtrlAltA,
Editmode Ctrl+G group menu…

Shift+S snap menu…
CtrlAltShiftQ memory dump…

Object Mode:
Control I: select inverse
Control Shift C: Add and Use Custom Transform Orientation
W with spot lamp selected: spot tools

Edit Mode:
Control I: select inverse
Control V: vertex specials
Control F: face specials

File Operations:
Control F1: Append/Link in Image Browser
Control F4: DataBrowser in Image Browser

Image Browser:
P: parent directory
A: select all
N: rename
R: remove
B: large preview
.: reload
Home: top
End: bottom
PageUP/PageDN: scroll
Esc: exit
X over bookmark: delete bookmark

By far, Aligorith has added the most hotkeys with his Action Editor work, poselibs, etc. I don’t really know them because I haven’t tried them that much.
EDIT: They are documented here:

Huh, now we have remove doubles in ctrl-vkey and in wkey?!
OK, but how can we now remove menu doubles? :stuck_out_tongue:

A few months ago, they separated all the functions into Control F, Control E, and Control V depending on what they affected. This made W much shorter and much more concise, but Andy and Ton requested it be kept so they had to change it back to the jumble of random tools it was in 2.45 and before.

Personally, I liked it better, but oh well.

thanks for all the help so far!

There are some new hotkeys in the node editor. They should be available in the menus.